A Charmed Life’s Cruel End Brings A Test Of Faith For Survivors

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I am learning to pursue my dentistry, while ensuring to pursue music career.

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I am a family physician who is always willing to help ensure better health of people.

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I can also help you with the primary ENT care.

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I can help provide the right doses which can help you work harder.

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I am Katie Rider, a music enthusiast and also a doctor. I want to keep the passion of my music alive. I am always here to learn more and you can help me become a singer and song writer.

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The songs I write are aimed to inspiring everyone to help ensure that they stay strong even during tough situations.

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Top 10 Greatest Female Singers/Songwriters of All Time

Women have been excelling in all fields for decades. When it comes to songwriting and singing, women have contributed immensely to the industry. Some of the best female songwriters and singers of all time are as follows:
  1. Joni Mitchell– Roberta Joan Mitchell is a Canadian singer and songwriter. Mitchell’s songs draw from folk, pop, rock and jazz music and reflect on the social and environmental paradigm. Her songs also express her thoughts on romance and joy. She is considered as one of the greatest musicians and is looked alongside Bob Dylan, Beatles etc.
  2. Taylor Swift – Taylor Alison Swift was born on 13th December in Pennsylvania. Swift is an American singer and songwriter and has won 5 Grammys for her songs. Her songs are said to harbour a lot of emotions and meaning.
  1. Carole King – Carole King, one of the most successful female songwriter, is an American composer, singer and songwriter. Carole has co-written 118 pop hits to be featured on the Billboard Hot 100 between years 1955 and 1999. She has achieved phenomenal commercial success through her songs and music.
  2. Stevie Nicks– Stephanie Lynn Nicks, also known as Stevie Nicks is an American singer and songwriter. She is most popularly known for her piece Fleetwood Mac. Stevie has enjoyed a phenomenal solo career and has produced forty Top 50 hits.
  3. Patti Smith – Patricia Lee ‘Patti’ Smith is a singer, songwriter, poet and a visual artist of American origin. She gained considerable popularity from her debut album Horses and was a significant part of the New York punk rock movement.
Patti Smith
  1. Janis Joplin– Janis Joplin belongs to American origin and gained fame after being the main singer of the band Big Brother and Holding Company. She was popularly known for her hippie style and psychedelic music.
  2. Mariah Carey – Mariah Carey is a singer, songwriter and actress. She stands among the biggest best-selling women with 18 number one records.
  3. Kate Bush – Catherine Bush is an English songwriter. She rose to fame with her debut “Wuthering Heights” which topped the UK singles chart for four weeks. Since her debut, she has released 25 UK Top 40 singles.
  4. Dolly Parton – Dolly Rebecca Parton is popularly known for her contributions and work towards country music. She is not just a singer and songwriter, but also an actress, author, businesswoman and humanitarian.
  5. Carly Simon – Carly Elisabeth Simon is a singer, songwriter, musician and children’s book author of American origin. She rose to fame through her string of hit records including “Anticipation”, “You Belong to Me” and “The Spy Who Loved Me”.